Luxurious Zamac Aluminium Alloy Perfume Bottle's Caps , XO Brandy Hennessy Wine Bottle Zamac Caps

        Dongguan Jing Xiang is a professional Die-Casting manufacturer which we've been making Zamac (zinc alloy )perfume Packaging Bottle Caps ,Aluminum Alloy Metal caps Covers and top grade Zamac wine covers. The factory is located in Nice Changan Town, Dongguan city GuangDong China .

The factory is set up in 2016, with the change of several years and the accumulation of experience, we have become the First high-grade Zamac bottle caps manufacturer in Dongguan City. The company has professional designers, complete set of  production lines and experienced polish Finish masters
Also equipped with a professional automatic grinder. We are committed to providing customers with Superior quality products and services.



JINGXIANG is a name synonymously known throughout China for its unique Perfume Packing products and expert craftsmanship

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