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Luxurious Zamac Perfume Packaging Bottle Caps Customize , Aluminium alloy Bottle Caps , Die-Casting Manufacturer DongGuan Provide Superior Luxurious Zamac Perfume Bottles Caps

          Dongguan Jing Xiang is a professional Die-Casting manufacturer in DongGuan which we've been making  Zamac Perfume Bottles Caps  Aluminium  Alloy  Perfume Caps  Luxurious Zamac Perfume Cosmetics Packaging  Caps Zamac  Perfume Covers , Zamac Lip Sticker Packaging Zamac Caser , Luxurious Rhinestones 24K Gold Plating Zamac Perfume Bottles Caps and Good Quality Zamac wine Bottles covers, The factory is located in Changan Town, Dongguan city GuangDong China .

The factory we set up in 2016, with the change of several years and the accumulation of experience, we have become the first high-grade metal bottle cap factory in Dongguan City. The company has professional designers, supporting production lines and experienced polishing masters
Also equipped with a professional automatic grinder. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and services.

our products contain : Zamac perfume bottle caps, Zinc Alloy Perfume Bottle Cap ,  Luxturious Cosmetics Zamac Packaging caps,  Zamac Perfume Bottle Cap Customize, Brands Customize Zamac Perfume Bottle Caps  , Magnet Metal weight Plastic ABS Perfume Cap , Luxurious Metal Perfume Caps , Zamac Perfume Bottle Logo Plate Customize , Luxurious  XO Brandy Hennessy Wine Zamac Metal Bottle Cap , Luxturious Zamac Perfume Bottles Crimp-on Cap , Luxturious Zinc Alloy Metal Glass Perfume Bottle Cap , Luxturious XO Wine Bottle Cap , Polish Glass Perfume Bottle , GuangZhou 100ml Glass Polish Perfume Empty Bottles , Brand Customize Zamac Perfume Bottle Cap , Brand Customize Metal Perfume Caps , Metal Brand Wine Bottle Cap , GuangZhou Polish Glass Perfume Bottle , Silk Screen Hot Stamping Customized Glass Perfume Bottles , Frosted Perfume Glass Bottle , Coating perfume bottles . K5 k9 Perfume oil Bottles Customize , 3ml 6ml 12ml Arabian Crystal Perfume Oil  Bottles Customize , Luxurious Perfume oil Crystal Bottles  Manufacturer 

if you would like know more information about Zamac perfume bottles Cap /whole set of perfume packing products , feel free to contact me .

Whatsapp :+86 13537066549 , wechat: (00 or+86 ) 13537066549
Email : packing@jingxiang-industrial.com
Web: www.jingxiang-industrial.com
Address : No.13 Rongfu road  , Shangsha Area  , Changan town , Dongguang city , Guangdong China . 


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